ManagerAssistant - Employee Performance Management Software
"We were able to input the notes from this year's reviews and print out professional reports for everyone in the office. It has helped us become more organized and I am very pleased with the program!"
Jessica Eastburn, O'Donnell, Naccarato and MacIntosh

HR Administration
Our employee module offers powerful and comprehensive Human Resource capabilities; providing the functionality you need to tackle to most challenging HR issues. This feature-rich HR module includes full benefit administration, job history, compensation management, EEOC reports in addition to other core data and rest assured; you won’t find another package that’s easier to use.
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High performance appraisals
Create professional-quality reviews in minutes. Appraisals made easy and painless for managers with 1000’s of pre-written sentences that have passed legal review. Our employee performance evaluation form is flexible and customizable to match to your corporate policies.
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Effective goal management
An effective goals management solution that lays-out clear cut responsibilities for each employee; giving your managers the ability to create, communicate, and monitor the progress for goals for any period of time. It provides your organization with a powerful tool to help develop your critical talent all year round.
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Enforce security levels
Control who has the ability to Edit, Add, Delete, or access reports within any given module. Set security levels for each separate manager to only view the employees that report to him/her while providing an overview for senior management. Include or exclude access to any give module.
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Take control of absenteeism
and the associated costs
A comprehensive solution that accounts for the many types of employee absences, from vacations to sick, FMLA to comp time. Unlimited Accrual Plans allow for applying and enforcing attendance policies consistently throughout your organization to automate many of the associated processes.
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Full Training Administration
Our training module is like nothing you have seen before; allows you to organize, track and develop the training curriculum for your entire workforce. Ensure continuous employee improvement and makes sure that procedures and best practices are followed.
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Protect yourself and your company
Our Incidents module will allow you to document and safeguard yourself against employee legal litigation; Sexual harassment, discrimination, violence in the workplace. Too many time employee incidents are never tracked and could lead to major headaches down the road.
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Give respect
and acknowledgement
Our accomplishment module will deliver a solution to track projects, milestones, accomplishments, quotas, awards and customer compliments. When employee do well, reward them, and let them know there outstanding work is being recognized and appreciated.
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Outstanding applicant tracking
Our feature rich recruitment solution can be used for any kind of organization and any type of manager. Allows you and your team to quickly locate, track and manage your best applicants for each open position. Track key candidates through each stage of the hiring process, making you recruitment process easier than ever.
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Take the pain out of
expense reporting
Manager Assistant’s expense module makes it easy to quickly automate your entire expense reimbursement process. Comes with everything your company needs to automate the entire expense reporting process and can be customized to meet the current needs of your organization.
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