What if Politicians underwent Performance Appraisals?

What a world it would be if each and every Politician regardless of party affiliation had a Performance Review or Employee Appraisal.  Politicians are employed by us.  Right?  Imagine a world where our elected officials had to be accountable and could have their Performance Appraisalperformance measured objectively.  We would set goals for them.  Then give them Employee Evaluations periodically.  Would we all agree that countries would operate 100 times more efficiently than they do now?  If our law makers didn’t measure up to the standards set by their employers (us the voters), there would be ramifications (demotions or terminations).  They can be rewarded when they exceed our expectations.  We could judge them objectively entirely on results.  For some, that might sound like radical thinking or for some of us it would be common sense.   Imagine if we did this at all levels of government both state and federal.

Sample Criteria for their Reviews:

1)      Do you show up for work?

2)      Are you competent at your job?

3)      Are you keeping your voters safe?

4)      Are you managing costs effectively?

5)      Do you practice good business ethics?

Aren’t these the things we all care about most?

We all agree on the importance of giving Performance Appraisals to our elected officials.  I am sure anybody from a country that is a republic or democracy would agree.

It’s surprising that so many business owners don’t have a regular practice of doing Employee Reviews.  We can easily see the importance of measuring another entity such as the government, but let’s put the shoe on the other foot.

I have heard so many managers make comments like:

1)      Reviews don’t apply to us.  We don’t need it.

2)      I’m Old School (see previous blog article)

3)      We don’t have time (you don’t have time to make your organization run more efficiently – maybe because you’re so inefficient)

4)      I don’t think the managers will do this.  They’re afraid of confrontation.

So a certain segment of our workforce (Corporate and Gov’t) will not operate as efficiently as they could because of inexcusable laziness (let’s be honest).  They simply turn their heads the other way when it comes to making their workers accountable.  While it is easy to see the issues caused when government officials lack accountability, some business owners / corp. entities need to take a hard look in the mirror.

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