No Time to Automate HR processes? Really!

I’ve heard an expression way too many times, “I cannot automate my HR because I don’t have time“.  I’ve heard this said in regards to doing Employee Appraisals, Attendance, tracking behavior issues, and even applicant tracking.  If you’ve found yourself saying this, here’s why you couldn’t be more wrong and why you are losing productivity every day:

Tracking Employee information – It’s essential that you track employee data, work history, benefits, compensation, and much more.  Having this stored electronically is essential for any business to operate efficiently and to meet state / federal regulations.

Employee Reviews:  The purpose of doing reviews is to measure employee performance and compare it to past performance and to peers.  Letting employees know where they stand will help with morale, let you set meaningful goals, and will increase productivity overall.  With all things being even, we have to admit that we all do a little better when we know we are being measured.  It’s really common sense.

Attendance – Having an automated way to track your PTO is essential.  What’s the alternative?  Spreadsheets, paper?  Clearly this doesn’t work.  You can automate the attendance requests / approval process and have your balances automatically calculated for you.  Also, you have the benefit of tracking late / tardy events.  If employees know they’re being tracked, they’ll be more conscientious about it.  Having an automated and more accurate solution will help you operate more efficiently.

Tracking Behavior Issues – It’s important that you properly document any type of employee disciplinary issues.  It helps you have supportive documentation when needed.  It’s equally important to recognize employees for the outstanding contributions and accomplishments resulting in improved employee morale.

Applicant Tracking – Create your own career center where you can post jobs and let applicants apply directly.  Track the interview process and automatically hire employees with a click of the button (automatically create their employee record).

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