Is your Workforce comprised of Fire Fighters or Victims?

The real measure of an employee (or person) can be determined by seeing how they respond when bad stuff happens.  Are they the problem solvers or are they part of the problem?  No matter how big or small your organization, you’ll have that unexpected crisis occur.  How you manage these problems determines the level of success or failure in your organization.

Employees will either:

  • Start fires
  • Run away
  • Report fires (seldom offering solutions)
  • Work on Solutions

It’s essential to hire, retain, promote, and recognize as many problem solvers (fire fighters) as possible.  This should be strongly considered when doing Employee Appraisals.

Factors to help you identify your problem solvers:

  • Who runs to put the fire out and who heads for the hills
  • Who takes pride in their organization and who refers to their company in the 3rd party.
  • Who gets the headache and goes home and who rolls up their sleeves and gets focused on finding a solution.

This is why it’s critical to have a workforce management solution that lets you identify and reward your fire fighters while revealing employees that need an improved attitude.

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