Late / Tardy People make our Workforce Inefficient

Let’s be honest, habitually late people really annoy us.  However; in business they cost us Money.  Not just the time loss by the person being late, but the affect on the rest of the staff.

About 9 out of 10 times when I participate in a meeting, someone is late by more than 10 minutes.  How much time is lost by employees sitting around waiting for attendees to show up at the correct time?  If you ask me, I think this is getting out of hand.  Employees are being late / tardy for work and late for meetings, but somehow they manage to be on time (if not early) when it’s time to leave.

This is not just a workplace problem, it’s an issue within our society where there are no standards or accountability.  I recently attended a birthday party in a restaurant.  I was very embarrassed for showing up 20 minutes late until I realized I was the first one there.  People trickled in over the next few hours.  There were a few that showed up 3 hours late.  It’s a safe guess to say these are the same types of people that make the rest of us wait for meetings at work, too.

4 Steps to Improve Meeting Punctuality:

  1. Track each and every offense electronically – When a certain number of offenses occur, create an incident.  Make sure that this is referenced and considered when doing Employee Reviews.  If you start holding people accountable, this will happen less. People are late because they know they will get away with it.

  2. Start Meetings without them – Not only start the meetings without them, but do not take any time away from the meeting to fill them in on what they missed.  They will feel embarrassed and “out of the loop”.

  3. Penalize them for being Late– Have a late jar and have them put in a dollar for every minute they are late.  When enough money accumulates, everybody can go out for dinner on them.

  4. Have a little fun, Move the Meeting – When all the timely people arrive to the meeting, take them out to a local restaurant.  Anybody showing up late is going to fill left out and embarrassed.  It’s also a reward for the ones that showed up on time.  Do this periodically.  Nobody wants to be late and miss the treat.  

Most importantly, make sure you do something.  We can’t keep lowering our standards to that of our worst employees.  Instead of bringing everybody else down, bring them up to your level or ship them out.  Having an automated software solution to help you track and evaluate your Workforce is essential in resolving punctuality issues.  We invite you to take a look at our HRweb product to see if it can help you manage your employees more effectively and efficiently.  Click here to give it a try free: