Top 5 Ways Employees Annoy us – how it effects Job Evaluations

Employee Management Software Looking at the things employees do to annoy their managers is a start. You need to consider how it impacts their Job Evaluations or how it should impact them.  Having employee management software in place to correct or avoid having these issues is the key.  Let’s identify the most common issues and then determine the best ways to discourage this type of employee behavior.

Here are the top annoyers:

  1. Sending Text / Email messages – employees are not truly focusing on their jobs.  Their mind is somewhere else and their productivity suffers.
  2. Facebook / twitter and other social media – you probably have some employees that need to tell the world what they are doing, when they go to the bathroom, and worst of all they tell you when they are bored.  These employees are giving the manager a minimum amount of effort.
  3. Using their Cell or company phone to discuss personal items.  A bigPerformance Management Software distraction for them and other employees.  This affects every employee within ear shot.  The worst situation is when someone argues with their significant other.  Like watching a train wreck.  Everybody wishes they could be focusing on their work, but it’s not going to happen with a soap opera being played out in front of them.
  4. Employees that are habitually late or leave early.  Clearly, they are not giving employers their time proportionate to their pay.  An employee that leaves early has mentally left even earlier.  These employees do not have dedication to their organization.
  5. Complainers, Whiners, and those employees that do not get along with anybody.  They find fault with every employee, policy, managers, and their co-workers.  They are the office pessimists.  Always pointing out what is wrong, but never offering a solution or idea.
To resolve these issues you need to have better communication with your employees, properly document employee behavior, and have an Job Evaluations in place.  Standards and Goals must be set and measured.  A bad employee’s behavior needs to be documented and corrective action needs to be taken in some cases.  Workforce Management Software is essential to manage your employees.  By having a proper solution in place, not only will you be able to document and take corrective action, you might be able to avoid these types of issues altogether.  If you don’t currently have a solution, we invite you to take a look at our products.

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