Should Inconsiderate Employees receive a good Employee Review?

Employee ReviewsTypically inconsiderate employees shouldn’t receive a good Employee Review, but some slip through the cracks.  We live in a world where consideration for our fellow humans is not a priority.  

Examples of Inconsiderate Employee Behavior:

  • Not returning calls
  • Being Late for meetings, events, …
  • Not Notifying ahead of time for cancellation, re-scheduling, lateness – are people constantly re-scheduling their name because of someone else’s inconsideration
  • Not Promptly responding to RSVP’s for events, meetings, or other appointments – Have the courtesy to let people know if you can’t make it.  It is hard to plan your day around “Not sure”, “Don’t know”, “I’ll get back with you”, or worse of all is NO RESPONSE.
  • Not respecting Managers and Employees’ time.  It works both ways.

Consideration or Inconsideration should weigh heavily into Employee Evaluations.  An inconsiderate employee is not a productive employee, not a team player, and worse of all is that they make everybody else just a little less productive.

In life outside of work, there is not a lot we can do about inconsiderate people.  If possible, we can reduce the number of them we include in our inner circle.  At work, it’s a totally different story.  Say after me “I WON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE“.  Here is your chance as a manager to hold your employees to the highest standards of behavior.

On that next Employee Review, make sure you reward those considerate employees and give the inconsiderate ones what they really deserve.  If you want to make an impactful statement that could modify future employee behavior, here’s your chance.  Looking for a good Employee Evaluation product, take a look at the products we offere at and start holding employees accountable.


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