How to Choose the right Employee Review Software?

Workforce Management SoftwareIn choosing the right Employee Review Software product, there are FOUR guidelines you should follow.

  1. Know what features you really need versus “nice to haves”.  Understand the additional cost for products that contain the “nice to have” features and decide if these Performance Review enhancements make sense for your organization.
  2. Determine a reasonable budgetPerformance Management Software is not to be compared to an application you download on your smart phone – be Realistic.  This is business software used to manage employees.  On the other hand, you need to determine what the cost per employee is when all things are considered.  Most importantly, determine what is reasonable for your organization.
  3. Ease of Use – If the software is not easy to use, chances are it will be difficult to get other managers in your company to comply.
  4. Implementation – How long wiill it take to implement the application and what resources / costs are associated.

Performance Management SoftwareOnce you have determined that Performance Management Software is right for your organization, you can consider the variables and can make the right recommendation to your organization.  HRweb and ManagerAssistant 3.0 are products offered by  Whether you choose one of our products or another competive product to do Employee Appraisals, you will find that guidelines listed in this article serve as a good reference in making the best decision for your organization.

Have your “Employees Gone Wild”? – Get Employee Management Software

I hope “Employees Gone Wild” is not the title that would be associated with a reality showEmployee Management Software starring your employees.  Learn why it’s important to have a complete Workforce Management tool for managing employees before it’s too late.

Here are the top 5 signs that your Employees have Gone Wild:

  1. Nobody appears to be in charge – Employees are not clear on the Chain of command
  2. It is not clear which employees are managers – it’s the Wild West.
  3. Tasks are not being completed and employees / managers have no concept of priorities.  Employees do not have clear Goals.
  4. Good employees are leavingfeeling unappreciated.  Some haven’t received a raise in years and don’t know where they stand.  Managers have not implemented Performance Management Software.
  5. Excessive Late / Tardiness is a problem with many employees.  There is no Employee Attendance Tracking Software in place.

 The solution starts with obtaining a good Workforce Management System that addresses the needs for managing employees, tracking attendance, goals, and Employee Reviews.  Getting a system implemented will be the first step in turning your organization into the effective production entity it should be.


    Key to Effective Employee Review Software is Proper Implementation

    Let’s assume you have purchased a good and effective Employee Review Software product thatPerformance Management Software does everything you want.  This in itself is no guarantee that your Performance Management Software application will be successful.  Unless it is implemented correctly, you are wasting time and money.

    Make sure your Employee Appraisal System is implemented correctly.  For a proper implementation, make sure these these things are completed:

    1. Make sure your employee information is accurate.  Entering outdated or inaccurate will cause a lot of confusion and wil get you off to a slow start.
    2. Make sure you have a meeting or 2 with Managers / Employees that will be using this system so they can understand how and why they will be doing Employee Reviews.  Perhaps give them a tour of the product.
    3. Make sure the Employee Appraisal system is setup so that they right employees / managers have access to it.  Also, make sure that you have configured security in the program so that employees are only seeing the data the are authorized to see.
    4. Choose a Performance Management System that is easy to use.  Don’t get so cared away with features that you purchase a product that nobody can use.  Employees will get frustrated and will not use it.

    I would recommend that you take a look at the solutions offered by  They are cost effective and easy to use.  Whatever you do, make sure that the proper time and planning is done so that you can have an effective Employee Review Software application that the whole company will benefit from.