What is Workforce Management Software and why is it Critical to you?

What is it and why do you need it?

Let’s start with the “What”.  

Workforce Managment Software is Employee Management Software that includes all the typicalPerformance Management Software features needed for a manager to track employee behavior.  Here are some of the features you can expect with software of this type:

  • Employee Management Software that allows you to track important employee data, benefits, compensation history, emergency contact information, and much more.
  • Performance Management Software that can be used to accurately and timely track Employee Reviews.  This improves communication between the managers and employees.  Reward good employees and resolve issues with difficult employees.  Find out if Employee Reviews are right for your organization.
  • Goal Tracking Software – create goals for each employee and track their progress.
  • Employee Attendance Tracking software that lets you get a grip on vacation, sick time, Late / tardy, FMLA, or other types of absences that you might define.
  • Applicant Tracking Software that lets you follow the applicant from the first interview until you hire them.
  •  Track Employee Incidents – be able to record excessive absentism, insubordination, customer complaints, accidents, etc…
  •  Recognize Employees for their Accomplishments – when an employee does something that really makes them standout, they deserve to be recognized and you should track each of their accomplishments.
Workforce Management SolutionThe above are examples of things you should be able to find in Workforce Management Software.  ManagerAssistant.com is one of the few companies that has a true Workforce Management Solution.  HRweb and ManagerAssistant 3.0 are examples of products that give you a complete workforce management process.
Now the “Why” – it would be impossible to properly manage employees without a proper way to document employee behavior.  Documentation needs to be readily accessible and consolidated in one location.  You owe this to yourself, your employees, and your organization to get Workforce Management Software now.

Why do Managers Avoid implementing Performance Management Software?

So, what’s the real reason behind a Manager’s reluctance in doing PerformanceEmployee Performance Reviews Management Software?  Nobody wants to admit the truth.  Doing Employee Reviews for the first time is embarrassing and ackward.

Here are reasons for the ackwardness of doing Employee Appraisals:

  • Managers want to be liked – everybody does.  This can get in the way of having the right type of communication with employees
  • Managers and Employees consider each other friends.  There is nothing wrong with this and it is perfectly normal to develop friendships with the people that we are around constantly.  Despite the friendship, it is important that you do Employee Performance Reviews on a regular basis.  in most cases, a friendship will survive.  You owe it to your company.  They are not paying you to be their friend so do the right thing.
  • Too much time between Reviews or the employee has never had a review by you.  You spend most of the day exchanging pleasantries and discussing things more on a peer level.  This is normal and that is why it is important to have Employee Reviews on a regular basis

 You and the employee will benefit and your relationship will improve.  It is all about having the right kind of communication.  Make sure your employees know where they stand with you and the company.  Here are 3 benefits you will notice almost immediately:

  1. A Mutual Respect between you and your employee will develop
  2. That feeling of ackwardness will go away once Employee Appraisals are done on a normal basis.
  3. Regular Reviews opens the door to other productive conversations about Goals, ambitions, Training, etc…

 So, rip off that band-aid and start communicating effectively and most importantly in a productive way that benefits you, the employee, and your organization.  We have products at ManagerAssistant.com that can help you achieve this goals that are easy to use and affordable.


Having Good Reminders is key to Employee Management Software


Workforce Management SoftwareYou need to have reminders for your Employee Management Software, Workforce Management Software, or Performance Management Software.  Reminders are key to being able to manage employees effectively and it is essential part of having an efficient productive organization.  With Reminders you can expect these 5 benefits.

  1. Better Organization – be able to plan ahead and staff accordingly
  2. Accountability – As a manager it is important that you know when and where your staff will be in the office, when they have training, license that expires, or when a Performance Review is due.
  3. Improved Communication – stay on top of things and be able to coordinate better with your employees
  4. Performance Reviews will be done on time.  With a reminder set in advance you will have ample time to coordinate your reviews.  The result will be accruate and timely reviews.
  5. Know When and Where are your employees at a single glance.  Whether it is an attendance reminder, training, or a meeting reminder, you and your employees will look more competent and together.

Employee Attendance Software

There are different forms of reminders and different reasons why you want to be reminded.  Firstly, there are dashboard reminders which can appear in many programs like HRweb and ManagerAssistant 3.0 from ManagerAssistant.com.  Secondly, you can have reminders emailed to you or your employees automatically.  There are the old fashion reminders, but utilizing available technology to provide automation is the key to having effective reminders.  Reminders can tell you that an employee is on vacation, an Employee Review is due, a license or certification expires soon, training class starts soon, and many more examples like this.  Make sure you implement a package that provides automated reminders so you and your company can operate more efficiently and effectively.


Don’t Wait Till it’s too Late to do your Employee Performance Reviews

Analyzing your employee’s work by using an employee performance software program isPerformance Management Software important to efficiently manage employee management processes in your organization and to keep employees feeling good about their efforts. Making sure every Employee Review is done on a timely basis as well as correctly is important.  Employers shouldn’t wait too long before completing reviews.

A good performance can be a motivation reward that leads to more hard work.  By doing Employee Performance Reviews on a timely bases you can expect these benefits:

  1. Better communication between Managers and Employees resulting in a more productive workplace
  2. Timely Reviews will give the Employees key information needed for improvement or to keep their jobs 
  3. Accuracy is tied to timely Reviews – typically reviews cover a specified period of time.  If Performance Reviews are postponed, the Employee Appraisal might not accurately describe the employee based on their current status.  Ever know anybody that fell so far behind on their Review that they are off by a Review period.  That’s pretty messed up!
  4. Critical Decisions have to be made based on Employee Reviews.  You are holding your company back and therefore not letting them run on all cylinders.

 Actively using employee management software also promotes touching base with employees Employee Performance Reviewsmore than once per year. Ideally, sitting down every month or so to establish short-term goals from both ends (management and employee level) can help keep business traveling on the right path to success. Using employee management software can make sure these goals don’t get lost or forgotten about.

Employers shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to do their employee performance reviews. Work and accomplishments should be continuously recorded to keep business on track. With the latest software available to help maintain this information, it’s easy to accomplish this.


4 Reasons to have Employee Attendance Tracking Software

For any boss, company, or management crew, the necessity of having Employee Attendance Tracking Software Attendance Tracking Softwareto ensure and maintain the success of your organization is a given. The only way to make sure that all the required work is completed in an efficient, timely manner is to make sure the people you hire are there giving their best effort, or else you can suffer greatly. It is really inexcusable to give someone the benefit of the doubt that they will simply work and give a full effort if no one is working to keep them in line, or even at work for that matter. The best way to keep your employees in line and doing there job is by tracking employee attendance through the use of Workforce Management Software.

There are seemingly infinite reasons to track employee attendance, but for some reason, a lot of companies fail to do so and overall output suffers greatly as a result. At the end of the day, it seems like the most logical solution is to implement employee attendance tracking software into your business to keep employees on a firm track to success. The following are reasons why all businesses should track employee attendance at work:

Workforce Management Software

  1. Simply put, the quality of work suffers greatly when workers don’t claim the days they took off from work. The company will fall behind or suffer a loss of some sort, but there will be no record of the Employee Attendance to use as a reference.
  2. As mentioned above, if attendance is not kept track of on a regular basis, anyone can be the cause of a problem. The problem may not even be work related, it could be as little as costing the company money by crediting the employee too many days.
  3. If an employee gets the idea that they can get away with taking time off without any punishment, more will sure follow and the whole company will start to experience excessive absenteeism.
  4. If a worker knows they are being watched and kept track of, the output will be drastically better!  This is why good Employee Management Software is essential.

For the best assistance in your management process and tracking software for employees, visit ManagerAssistant.com and reduce the nightmare of tracking employee attendance NOW!

Text Messaging – Alternative to Employee Management Software?

Are text messages used as a substitute for good employee management?

Yes, and too often.  Here are some common causes of miscommunication between managersEmployee Management Software and employees when Text Messaging is overly used.  I am waiting for the day that a manager will give their employee a Review via Text Message.  Employee Performance Reviews sent via Text messaging.  Sounds absurd, but nothing would surprise me any more.

  1. Is the Employee Driving – you send a message to your employee and you are wondering why you didn’t get a response.  Did you ever think they are driving?  Call them or send an email.  It’s common sense.
  2. Text Message Timingwhen messages are sent versus when they are read.  Example, I was supposed to meet an employee for a lunch meeting.  I had originally said, “Can you make it for 11 AM tomorrow?”.  When I woke up the next morning I had a text message that said “Can’t make it at that time, how about 12:00 tomorrow”.  I replied, “OK”.  Then a few minutes later he says “what’s your eta”.  Confused employee performance reviewsby his question, I said “tomorrow at 12:00 duh”.  He said, “OK, LOL”.  So I am thinking why the strange exchange.  That’s when I should have called.  The issue turned out that he sent his message at 11:00 PM the night before and I received it in the morning.  Our definition of what “tomorrow” meant were completely different.  It would have been better employee management on my part if I just picked up the phone and called as soon as there was a hint of confusion.
  3. Text Messages are Misunderstood – not everybody gets your abbreviations.  Also, it is easy to send a text msg before it is ready or to the wrong person.

In summary use Text Messages when appropriate, email, call, or sometimes just sit down with them to discuss their Performance Review, Employee Attandance issues, etc…

Properly document employee behavior by using a good Workforce Management Software application and good old fashion communication.

Why Performance Management Software Should be Easy to Use?

It is a Balancing Act when choosing an Employee Appraisal System:

FEATURES vs ComplexityWho will win?

Who wins depends on your point of view.  If you are a software vendor trying to sell a 50KPerformance Management Software Performance Review Solution, you are going to do everything in your power to convince the potential buyer they need everything including the kitchen sink.  They win everytime you over pay for a Employee Management system.  Does the buyer win?  In this scenario they seldom do.

The Buyer has to consider that the easier they can make their Employee Review Software to use the better chance Managers, employees, and excutives will actually put it to use.  Like everything in life, Keep It Simple works here.  Of course, you do have features that you really need to accomplish your mission and those you shouldn’t Employee Management Softwarecompromise on.  The key is to determine what you really need versus what the vendor is telling you that you need.  The other problem is the Decision by Committee issue.  Through several meetings they all try to convince each other why their feature is important.  Nobody wants to compromise so every feature ever dreamed of has become part of this 9 month pregnant RFI (Request for Information sometimes sent to vendors).  Will it ever give birth?  It’s not going to be pretty.

Here is what you can expect with an overly complicated set of requirements:

  1. Hard to implement
  2. Requires extensive training and hand holding to use
  3. Managers avoid using it like the plague – nobody wants to take time from their core mission to tackle this giant masterpiece
  4. Nobody wants to Look Stupid – employees will avoid using any complex software application so they don’t appear incompetent to their peers

If you implement an easy to use Performance Management Software Solution, you can expect this:

  1. More user acceptance and overall cooperation from staff
  2. Performance Reviews that are done on time
  3. Little or no Training
  4. Fast Implementation

If you are the one choosing a Performance Management Solution for your organization, the lack of resistance and overall success of your Review program will help your organization manage employees more effectlvely.


Risks of Inaccurate Employee Attendance Tracking

It’s important to track employee attendance for several reasons. 

Most importantly, when it comes time for employee performance reviews you want to have
Attendance Tracking Softwareaccurate information.  If an employee is constantly late or missing days and you don’t have the documented attendance records it is difficult to discipline them or enact a quality performance plan.  The importance of employee performance reviews is discussed in previous articles.  Let’s look at reasons why there are other productivity and cost issues that are affected when companies don’t accurately track attendance.  

First, make sure that the employees that are showing up on time are giving the proper credit and recognition for their dependability.  So many times we overlook and don’t appreciate the employees that are dependable and reliable.  Having a good Work Force Management Software application will help you notice the good employees.

Second, you don’t want to lose productivity because of accounting inconsistencies.  I was on the phone in the middle of addressing a critical issue with our largest customer when John, one of our delivery drivers, burst into my office complaining that his vacation balance was incorrect.  As soon as I was off the phone I found out the issue was that John cancelled his planned vacation day, but he was never given proper credit for it.  I now had an unhappy employee that was causing a disruption to normal business activity.

Third, loss of money for paying unearned benefits.  When a person quits or is terminated and you need to prepare a final paycheck do you have accurate information to calculate how much vacation they have used?  Many companies try to keep information on calendars or spreadsheets.  Often these are not updated consistently, lost, or out of date.  Not having accurate information may result in paying too much.

Using an Employee Performance Management and Attendance Tracking Workforce Management Software software from a company like  ManagerAssistant.com will provide you the tools to address the issues of lost productivity, Attendance discrepancies, and ensure employee performance reviews are accurate and fair.  The result – more productivity and a happier workforce combined with a better performance management system.

Choosing the right Employee Management Software for my Business

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes.  After going to work day after day for over a yearEmployee Management Software believing you are doing a good job you are told otherwise.  You find out your performance doesn’t meet the company guidelines.  You never received a performance review. This is one example of what happens every day in organizations that do not implement Employee Management Software.

Here are some improvements you can expect with Employee Management processes in place:

  1. Better Communication between Employees and Companies.  With Reviews, Goal Setting, and proper documentation employees will know where they stand.
  2. Resolve Attendance Issues such as Late / Tardy, unexcused absenteeism, etc…  It is important to have a tool to track these issues and to have the ability to create accurate documentation.

    Complete Workforce Management Software

  3. Improve Training / Competency of Employeestrack training history and recommend appropriate training.  Be able to recruit the right applicants for the job with a good Recruitment process.
  4. Track Accomplishments – Have a place to document customer compliments, milestones, and other major achievements.  It’s important that the manager’s remember and properly acknowledge good employees.  If you forget employees’ achievements, you can believe that they will resent you and the company.  Don’t lose good employees

With a vast amount of overly complicated and expensive employee management software, how do you find the right Employee Management Software for your small business?  What questions should you be asking to determine the right software?

performance management software

Do you want to capture all attendance information?  Do you want to stay up to date with employee achievements and reprimands?  In today’s business and economic environment businesses are looking for a solution that is easy to implement and use while rich in features at an affordable cost.


Workforce Management is the Key to Hiring the Right Employees

 Are your employees able to do their job?  Are they Reliable?  If not, here are some typicalWorkforce management software issues that you might be encountering:

  • Employees that have to be micro-managed
  • Employees that are not competent enough to do their jobs
  • Employees that are unpredictable or unreliable 

If you are encountering these types of issues then it is really your own fault.  The primary issue is that you didn’t hire the right employees.  You probably never set standards / goals and then measured them.  How about keeping a good training history and making sure their training records are kept up to date.  With a Workforce Management solution you can avoid these common mistakes.

Employee Management SoftwareIf you use a complete product (for example, a product from ManagerAssistant.com).  Then you should have all the tools necessary to prevent the hiring of bad employees, do Employee Reviews, set goals, keep track of training history, maintain attendance records, and utilize recruitment software to help you hire the best candidates for the job.  A good Workforce Management product should contain all of these key features and should allow you to do the following:

  1. Recruit qualified applicants
  2. Set goals and measure them
  3. Have well written Employee Appraisals
  4. Properly document employee behavior
  5. Track training records and be able to identify potential training needs
  6. Decide what employees are worth keeping and which ones should be replaced

You need an employee management software that incorporates all of these features.  It should be easy to use and implement while still affordable.  Click the button below if you need help.  We have experts standing by ready to answer your Workforce Management questions.