No Time to Automate HR processes? Really!

I’ve heard an expression way too many times, “I cannot automate my HR because I don’t have time“.  I’ve heard this said in regards to doing Employee Appraisals, Attendance, tracking behavior issues, and even applicant tracking.  If you’ve found yourself saying this, here’s why you couldn’t be more wrong and why you are losing productivity every day:

Tracking Employee information – It’s essential that you track employee data, work history, benefits, compensation, and much more.  Having this stored electronically is essential for any business to operate efficiently and to meet state / federal regulations.

Employee Reviews:  The purpose of doing reviews is to measure employee performance and compare it to past performance and to peers.  Letting employees know where they stand will help with morale, let you set meaningful goals, and will increase productivity overall.  With all things being even, we have to admit that we all do a little better when we know we are being measured.  It’s really common sense.

Attendance – Having an automated way to track your PTO is essential.  What’s the alternative?  Spreadsheets, paper?  Clearly this doesn’t work.  You can automate the attendance requests / approval process and have your balances automatically calculated for you.  Also, you have the benefit of tracking late / tardy events.  If employees know they’re being tracked, they’ll be more conscientious about it.  Having an automated and more accurate solution will help you operate more efficiently.

Tracking Behavior Issues – It’s important that you properly document any type of employee disciplinary issues.  It helps you have supportive documentation when needed.  It’s equally important to recognize employees for the outstanding contributions and accomplishments resulting in improved employee morale.

Applicant Tracking – Create your own career center where you can post jobs and let applicants apply directly.  Track the interview process and automatically hire employees with a click of the button (automatically create their employee record).

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Is your Workforce comprised of Fire Fighters or Victims?

The real measure of an employee (or person) can be determined by seeing how they respond when bad stuff happens.  Are they the problem solvers or are they part of the problem?  No matter how big or small your organization, you’ll have that unexpected crisis occur.  How you manage these problems determines the level of success or failure in your organization.

Employees will either:

  • Start fires
  • Run away
  • Report fires (seldom offering solutions)
  • Work on Solutions

It’s essential to hire, retain, promote, and recognize as many problem solvers (fire fighters) as possible.  This should be strongly considered when doing Employee Appraisals.

Factors to help you identify your problem solvers:

  • Who runs to put the fire out and who heads for the hills
  • Who takes pride in their organization and who refers to their company in the 3rd party.
  • Who gets the headache and goes home and who rolls up their sleeves and gets focused on finding a solution.

This is why it’s critical to have a workforce management solution that lets you identify and reward your fire fighters while revealing employees that need an improved attitude.

We welcome your comments and feel free to share your experiences.

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Late / Tardy People make our Workforce Inefficient

Let’s be honest, habitually late people really annoy us.  However; in business they cost us Money.  Not just the time loss by the person being late, but the affect on the rest of the staff.

About 9 out of 10 times when I participate in a meeting, someone is late by more than 10 minutes.  How much time is lost by employees sitting around waiting for attendees to show up at the correct time?  If you ask me, I think this is getting out of hand.  Employees are being late / tardy for work and late for meetings, but somehow they manage to be on time (if not early) when it’s time to leave.

This is not just a workplace problem, it’s an issue within our society where there are no standards or accountability.  I recently attended a birthday party in a restaurant.  I was very embarrassed for showing up 20 minutes late until I realized I was the first one there.  People trickled in over the next few hours.  There were a few that showed up 3 hours late.  It’s a safe guess to say these are the same types of people that make the rest of us wait for meetings at work, too.

4 Steps to Improve Meeting Punctuality:

  1. Track each and every offense electronically – When a certain number of offenses occur, create an incident.  Make sure that this is referenced and considered when doing Employee Reviews.  If you start holding people accountable, this will happen less. People are late because they know they will get away with it.

  2. Start Meetings without them – Not only start the meetings without them, but do not take any time away from the meeting to fill them in on what they missed.  They will feel embarrassed and “out of the loop”.

  3. Penalize them for being Late– Have a late jar and have them put in a dollar for every minute they are late.  When enough money accumulates, everybody can go out for dinner on them.

  4. Have a little fun, Move the Meeting – When all the timely people arrive to the meeting, take them out to a local restaurant.  Anybody showing up late is going to fill left out and embarrassed.  It’s also a reward for the ones that showed up on time.  Do this periodically.  Nobody wants to be late and miss the treat.  

Most importantly, make sure you do something.  We can’t keep lowering our standards to that of our worst employees.  Instead of bringing everybody else down, bring them up to your level or ship them out.  Having an automated software solution to help you track and evaluate your Workforce is essential in resolving punctuality issues.  We invite you to take a look at our HRweb product to see if it can help you manage your employees more effectively and efficiently.  Click here to give it a try free:

How Smart Phones affect Communication and Employee Performance

Employee PerformanceI love technology, but it seems that the more time people spend on Smart Phones the less effective they are at actually communicating.  There is a new breed of adults that love their smart devices (a little too much if you ask me).  Go to a movie, concert, restaurant, bowling alley, work place, highway, park, or any other place where people gather.  It looks like a scene from “Dawn of the Dead“.  Ever go to a restaurant with a friend or co-worker lately?  B O R I N G !!!  Having lunch with someone that is obsessed with this little box in front of them.  One or twice they decide to show me something on their little screen.  I am thinking to myself, “whatever they are about to show me must be something incredible”, but it never seems to be that important or amusing to be worth the rudeness they exhibited.

So why do these “walking dead” stare at these devices?

  • Social laziness – it’s easier to stare at that device then to have polite conversation.  It’s a license to be rude.  It takes effort to communicate. contribute to a conversation, or acknowledge another person.
  • Insecurity – they are broadcasting their comments on social media and they want to make sure someone makes a comment or likes it.  If that happens, they feel important and accepted.  This new found self worth is like a drug and they must have more.
  • Lack of Social Skills – some people were never taught things like looking at someone when they talk to you.  Because of their lack of manners, they are oblivious to their rudeness.
  • Novelty hasn’t worn off yet – I have known some really wonderful people that I would normally categorize as polite considerate people.  When they get their first smart phone they became obsessed with it.  In a lot of cases this wears off, but not always.

A person with poor social skills is a bad communicator and this limits an employee’s performance in the workplace.   Organizations should be very concerned about how this affects their overall productivity.  Policies about smart phones in the work place or at company events should exist and most importantly be enforced.

Want to share your comments about this, we welcome it.  Tell us your stories.

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What if Politicians underwent Performance Appraisals?

What a world it would be if each and every Politician regardless of party affiliation had a Performance Review or Employee Appraisal.  Politicians are employed by us.  Right?  Imagine a world where our elected officials had to be accountable and could have their Performance Appraisalperformance measured objectively.  We would set goals for them.  Then give them Employee Evaluations periodically.  Would we all agree that countries would operate 100 times more efficiently than they do now?  If our law makers didn’t measure up to the standards set by their employers (us the voters), there would be ramifications (demotions or terminations).  They can be rewarded when they exceed our expectations.  We could judge them objectively entirely on results.  For some, that might sound like radical thinking or for some of us it would be common sense.   Imagine if we did this at all levels of government both state and federal.

Sample Criteria for their Reviews:

1)      Do you show up for work?

2)      Are you competent at your job?

3)      Are you keeping your voters safe?

4)      Are you managing costs effectively?

5)      Do you practice good business ethics?

Aren’t these the things we all care about most?

We all agree on the importance of giving Performance Appraisals to our elected officials.  I am sure anybody from a country that is a republic or democracy would agree.

It’s surprising that so many business owners don’t have a regular practice of doing Employee Reviews.  We can easily see the importance of measuring another entity such as the government, but let’s put the shoe on the other foot.

I have heard so many managers make comments like:

1)      Reviews don’t apply to us.  We don’t need it.

2)      I’m Old School (see previous blog article)

3)      We don’t have time (you don’t have time to make your organization run more efficiently – maybe because you’re so inefficient)

4)      I don’t think the managers will do this.  They’re afraid of confrontation.

So a certain segment of our workforce (Corporate and Gov’t) will not operate as efficiently as they could because of inexcusable laziness (let’s be honest).  They simply turn their heads the other way when it comes to making their workers accountable.  While it is easy to see the issues caused when government officials lack accountability, some business owners / corp. entities need to take a hard look in the mirror.

There are many products out there to help you automate your Performance Management processes.  Some are better than others.  We at offer 2 easy to use products that are cost effective.  HRweb is our online subscription based product that can be accessed from anywhere by PCs or MACs.  ManagerAssistant is our Windows based product that can be installed on a Windows based PC or on a network server.

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We look forward to hearing you comments and would appreciate the sharing of experiences.

Old School or Just Stupidity – Workforce Management by Paper

A client of mine hired a new office manager.  I had a conversation with this person that I found disturbing.  It started off with the person saying “I am old school and prefer tracking everything using paper and file cabinets”.  In the most polite way I told this person I didn’t think that was a very efficient approach, but wished them well.  If they really want to go “Old School”, why not use candle light and ride a horse to work (this is what I thought).  I would appreciate getting feedback from anybody reading this.  Have you run across anybody like this lately?  How polite should we be?  To be blunt that person has no business being an office manager for anyone and at the least should not have the last say in business decisions.  This is a prime example of an organization with poor leadership.   This person should be fired so that they can go home and wash their clothes in a creek somewhere.  Am I being harsh?

Obviously, having an Automated Employee Tracking system for managing your workforce’s behavior has these benefits:

  • Quick easy access to information
  • Having historical information such as attendance, Reviews, training, and Recruitment are a must and for must companies is a requirement for legal purposes.
  • How about killing a few less trees not to mention having a bunch of big filing cabinets taking up space.  I would much rather move a computer than a room full of file cabinets.
  • Great reports that give you calculations quickly and the accountability needed to function efficiency.

I would like to invite you to come to our website and see if one of our products such as HRweb or ManagerAssistant can help your organization be more efficient.  I would appreciate your feedback on this article and if you did get a chance to try out one of our products, your input would be appreciated.  You can email us at

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Feel free to share your stories regarding co-workers that are old school.  We would love to hear them.  Tell us what you would really like to tell them, but never did out of politeness.  Has anybody had some experiences with old school bosses?  Don’t you just love them?  We look forward to hearing your stories.  Don’t be shy.  Don’t worry nobody ever reads these blogs.

Top 5 Ways Employees Annoy us – how it effects Job Evaluations

Employee Management Software Looking at the things employees do to annoy their managers is a start. You need to consider how it impacts their Job Evaluations or how it should impact them.  Having employee management software in place to correct or avoid having these issues is the key.  Let’s identify the most common issues and then determine the best ways to discourage this type of employee behavior.

Here are the top annoyers:

  1. Sending Text / Email messages – employees are not truly focusing on their jobs.  Their mind is somewhere else and their productivity suffers.
  2. Facebook / twitter and other social media – you probably have some employees that need to tell the world what they are doing, when they go to the bathroom, and worst of all they tell you when they are bored.  These employees are giving the manager a minimum amount of effort.
  3. Using their Cell or company phone to discuss personal items.  A bigPerformance Management Software distraction for them and other employees.  This affects every employee within ear shot.  The worst situation is when someone argues with their significant other.  Like watching a train wreck.  Everybody wishes they could be focusing on their work, but it’s not going to happen with a soap opera being played out in front of them.
  4. Employees that are habitually late or leave early.  Clearly, they are not giving employers their time proportionate to their pay.  An employee that leaves early has mentally left even earlier.  These employees do not have dedication to their organization.
  5. Complainers, Whiners, and those employees that do not get along with anybody.  They find fault with every employee, policy, managers, and their co-workers.  They are the office pessimists.  Always pointing out what is wrong, but never offering a solution or idea.
To resolve these issues you need to have better communication with your employees, properly document employee behavior, and have an Job Evaluations in place.  Standards and Goals must be set and measured.  A bad employee’s behavior needs to be documented and corrective action needs to be taken in some cases.  Workforce Management Software is essential to manage your employees.  By having a proper solution in place, not only will you be able to document and take corrective action, you might be able to avoid these types of issues altogether.  If you don’t currently have a solution, we invite you to take a look at our products.

Here are 5 steps to help you prepare for Staff Evaluations

staff evaluations Let’s hope you have not waited till now to start thinking about Staff Evaluations.  With the right approach and organization your Employee Reviews will be a snap.

Here are 5 ways to get started on the right foot:

  1. Review Employee Goals from previous year – Determine what has and hasn’t been accomplished.
  2.  Have all your employees complete a Self Review and compile the results promptly.  Give them no more than a week to complete.
  3.  Review Employee Attendance – Did anybody have an excessive absentism or an abundance of late / tardy issues.
  4. Review Employee Accomplishments – These are the special things such as customer compliments, major milestones, and special beyond the call of duty items.  Make sure these items are considered and noted.
  5. Make sure you have the right tools in place to do Staff Evaluations, Track Attendance, Employee Accomplishments, and everything needed to track Employee Behavior.  Now you are ready!
There are few products in the market place that actually give you the tools needed to accomplish all the 5 items listed above. has 2 products named HRweb and ManagerAssistant that will make Staff Evaluations a snap.  The clock is ticking, download a free trial at now risk.

    Should Inconsiderate Employees receive a good Employee Review?

    Employee ReviewsTypically inconsiderate employees shouldn’t receive a good Employee Review, but some slip through the cracks.  We live in a world where consideration for our fellow humans is not a priority.  

    Examples of Inconsiderate Employee Behavior:

    • Not returning calls
    • Being Late for meetings, events, …
    • Not Notifying ahead of time for cancellation, re-scheduling, lateness – are people constantly re-scheduling their name because of someone else’s inconsideration
    • Not Promptly responding to RSVP’s for events, meetings, or other appointments – Have the courtesy to let people know if you can’t make it.  It is hard to plan your day around “Not sure”, “Don’t know”, “I’ll get back with you”, or worse of all is NO RESPONSE.
    • Not respecting Managers and Employees’ time.  It works both ways.

    Consideration or Inconsideration should weigh heavily into Employee Evaluations.  An inconsiderate employee is not a productive employee, not a team player, and worse of all is that they make everybody else just a little less productive.

    In life outside of work, there is not a lot we can do about inconsiderate people.  If possible, we can reduce the number of them we include in our inner circle.  At work, it’s a totally different story.  Say after me “I WON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE“.  Here is your chance as a manager to hold your employees to the highest standards of behavior.

    On that next Employee Review, make sure you reward those considerate employees and give the inconsiderate ones what they really deserve.  If you want to make an impactful statement that could modify future employee behavior, here’s your chance.  Looking for a good Employee Evaluation product, take a look at the products we offere at and start holding employees accountable.


    How Performance Management Software Saves You Money?

    Performance Management Software

    The goal of any successful manager is to retain the superior performers and convince the rest to leave. Lamentably, the demands on most managers’ energies leave little time to accomplish this task. More problematic, by far, is that the situation is self-reinforcing. The less time that a manager can devote to employee development, the more time is spent on fulfilling duties best left to subordinates and the cycle repeats with a concomitant loss of productivity and money.

    Fortunately an easily implemented and highly effective solution exists, performance management software. With a minimum of effort, this software tracks, prompts and archives all manner of employee performance activities.

    Greater Employee Retention
    As with all individuals, your excellent employees are ultimately concerned with their performance and their advancement. Not paying enough attention to the timely and accurate appraisal of these best employees weakens morale and ultimately leads to a lower retention rate. The simple expedient of performance management software will track and prompt managers to comply with company policy in regards to all performance appraisal activities. This process will yield immediate cost saving through reduced turnover, higher customer satisfaction and lowered training costs.

    Proper Terminations
    Similarly, the negligence paid to appropriate counseling statements and performance warnings unduly lengthens the termination process. In addition, failure to completely and thoroughly follow company policy in regards to these procedures may lead to unnecessary unemployment benefits or even unmerited lawsuits. These costs can be more easily be avoided with the implementation of performance management software.

    Less Legal Wrangling
    The mention of lawsuits brings cries of terror to most HR administrators as record keeping at the unit level is notoriously poor. Good performance management ameliorates this situation to large degree by informing upper management and the HR department when proper procedures are not being followed. It is much simpler to proactively correct a problem than to fix after a law suit has been filed.

    The End Result
    Employee performance management is a tool that must be adequately and competently implemented to yield results. Nevertheless, the accountability engendered by this software is an important initial step in enforcing company policies and government regulations that so often plague inefficient companies.

    The results may not be immediate but they will be significant in the long term as superior employees replace deficient ones and customer service and efficiency improves. Performance management software can kick start a revolution in your company.